LATEST UPDATE: As of September 16, 2014, Khalida Jarrar has achieved victory! Occupation military court lowered the expulsion order from six months to one month; with one month having passed since the date of the order, the expulsion order has been lifted. Congratulations to Khalida Jarrar and thank you to the thousands around the world who made a critical difference! Victory for Khalida Jarrar – on the road to victory for Palestine!

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PFLP Leader Khalida Jarrar ordered deported to Jericho from Ramalah
by Israeli Forces 


Occupation forces raided the home of Khalida Jarrar, leader of the Popular Front forthe Liberation of Palestine and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, in Ramallah early on Wednesday morning, August 20, handing her an order for deportation to Jericho for an indefinite period.
The occupation forces attempted to force Jarrar to take sign the order, which she refused. A soldier read the text aloud, saying that the military courts, due to information from the occupation intelligence and security services, have ordered Jarrar to be deported to Jericho within 24 hours and to remain for an indefinite period within the city limits of Jericho; the soldiers left a map of the Jericho city limits.
Jarrar, a well-known prisoner advocate and chair of the prisoners’ committee of the PLC, refused to sign the order. This is the first time occupation forces have attempted to deport Palestinian political leaders internally, from one city to another inside the West Bank, since the mid-1980s.
Message from Yafa Jarrar (former NECEF Sabeel Canada staffer):
August 21, 2014I am sure most of you have heard about my mother’s (Khalida Jarrar) deportation order that Israel handed to her two nights ago when they raided our house in Ramallah. My mother announced that she refuses to comply with Israel’s military court order and she remains in Ramallah now.Israel’s court order to deport my mother from Ramallah (which is in area “A”) to Jericho (also in area “A) is a form of punishment. Most importantly, the raiding of our house in Ramallah and handing an elected parliamentarian a deportation order to another city that is also supposedly under the PA’s control, demonstrates the failure of the “Palestinian Authority” to protect Palestinians within its areas, let alone its elected parliamentarians. This of course, could not have happened without the knowledge and consent of the Palestinian Authority. The so-called “security coordination” between the Palestinian Authority and its security forces’ and Israel’s occupying forces has allowed for the invasion to happen and for the expulsion order to be issued and delivered.Here is Addameer’s appeal outlining the details of what happened and calling for some steps for action:

Samidoun: Palestine Prisoner Solidarity Network has just launched a solidarity campaign and a call for action. You can view the page here:
The page contains an unofficial translation of the military order that Khalida received from the Israeli forces. There is a short interview with my mother in the end of the page with english subtitles.

I am asking you to please share the appeal widely. I spoke with my mother last night and she thinks that any form of pressure could protect her from possible extreme actions that Israel may take against her in the near future.  If you have contacts with any parliamentarians (in Canada and elsewhere), please share this appeal with them and encourage them to write letters as specified in the end of the appeal.

As of today, my mother moved to stay in a “protest tent” outside the legislative council building in Ramallah. She announced that she is going to stay and continue her work from there until the decision is revoked.