CFOS Statements

Canadian Friends of Sabeel statement regarding access to Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, 2017

Canadian Friends of Sabeel calls for investigation of Israel’s abuses at Holy Week by Canadian Religious Freedom Office, 2013

Canadian Friends of Sabeel Open Letter – Response to the United Church of Canada resolution on boycott of settlement products, 2012

Christmas 2008 Massacre in Gaza – Statement from the Chair of CFOS, Rev. Robert Assaly


Sabeel Statements

Half a Century of Occupation – What Next?, 2017

The Challenge of Jubilee, 2016

A Human Tragedy Called Gaza, 2008

Sabeel‘s Statement on 40 Years of Israeli Occupation, 2007

The Madness of War:  Hezballah and Israel, 2006
Sabeel’s statement on the war on Lebanon.

Israel’s Summer Rains:  The Arrogance of Power, 2006
Sabeel‘s Statement on the Israeli Invasion of Gaza.

Sabeel’s Statement on the New Realities in Palestine, 2006

Sabeel Statement on Prisoners and Detainees, 2004
Sabeel’s position on the situation of prisoners and detainees.

Sabeel‘s Statement on Iraq, 2003

The Rapid Escalation of the Conflict, 2002

Speaking Truth, Seeking Justice Statement of Participants in Sabeel‘s Alternative Assembly, 2001



Heads of Churches in Jerusalem express concern regarding breeches of the Status Quo in the Jaffa Gate case, 2017
From the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

Open Letter to the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement, 2017
From the National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine

Open Letter to Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentage, 2015
From Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Life with Dignity: Kairos Palestine 5th Anniversary, 2014
Conference Statement

Current Situation in Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, 2006
Statement of church related organizations in the Holy Land on the current situation in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Suicide Bombers, 2004
What is theologically and morally wrong with suicide bombings? – A Palestinian Christian perspective.