Sabeel Conference and Witness Trip

Canadian Friends of Sabeel sent several delegates to participate in the Sabeel Pre-Conference Witness Trip and the 10th Sabeel Conference in March 2017.

CFOS livestreamed several presentations from the conference, and video clips from the livestream are available for viewing on our YouTube channel.


Gaza Calls – Canada Answers

The Canadian Churches and Church Related Organizations Forum on the Middle East sponsored a video-conference to connect three prominent Palestinians and church representatives with over a dozen locally organized venues across Canada. Suhaila Tarazi, Raji Sourani, and Sami El-Yousef  spoke to us live from Gaza and address the Christian presence, medical realities, and human rights situation there, with opportunities for Q&A with them.

CZ Poster Final with address

Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem:

Overcoming Christian Zionism in the Quest for Justice

April 23 – 25, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia

For more information, go to: Conference Page


Jeff Halper National Poster-page-0

National Canadian Tour by Jeff Halper for ICAHD  (January 17-February 13)

From January 17-February 13, 2015, Jeff Halper was on a Canada-wide speaking tour, visiting 12 cities in Canada.  UNJPPI was the national organizer and coordinator of the tour.  Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) was the national co-sponsor of the speaking tour  and assisted in the national organizing efforts.

For a locations he visited, click the following link. Jeff Halper Schedule

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Visit by Nora Carmi

May 2014 From Palestine to Canada: Nora Carmi

Nora Carmi is a Palestinian Christian that has devoted her life to help bring about justice and an end to oppression for her people. For over 4 decades, Ms. Carmi has been involved in helping engage   communities and civil society, both in Palestine and abroad, in understanding the struggle of the Palestinian People. Ms. Carmi is currently working for Kairos Palestine, being one of the key contributors to its development. She also was a staff member with Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre for over 17 years.

Nora Carmi was in Canada in late May, early June for a 12-day speaking tour.


Naim Ateek Speaking Tour

September 2013

Speaking Tour in Canada featuring Naim Ateek, Founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Centre in Jerusalem and of Palestinian Liberation Theology

Canadian Friends of Sabeel and Necef Sabeel Canada are delighted to announce a two-day speaking tour in Toronto with the Rev. Naim Ateek – prominent Palestinian Christian leader, world renowned peace-activist and author.

Ateek, a refugee from 1948, established the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem in 1991. He is author and editor of numerous books, including Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation; and A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation.

The concrete course of action he proposes is rooted in nonviolence, grounded in current realities and can open a clear path to justice, reconciliation and forgiveness for all peoples. He highlights the unique role that Palestinian Christians can and should play in resolving one of the most painful situations of injustice and violence in our world today. Ateek was a key figure in the development of the Kairos Palestine Document and a long time supporter and facilitator of dialogue between the Muslim and Christian community in Palestine.

Ateek lectures widely in Palestine and Israel as well as internationally. A well respected and highly regarded leader in the Palestinian community, he has been called “the Desmond Tutu of Palestine”.


Ambassador AFIF SAFIEH rejects Foreign Minister’s and Kenney’s Statements

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s recent comments to the powerful Israel Lobby meeting in Washington has left a firestorm of criticism and disbelief at Canada’s violations of its obligations under international law and its complicity in supporting the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Baird, in an unannounced message to the AIPAC annual conference, threatened that Palestinians will feel “consequences” from Canada if they seek to have international law implemented and pursues Israel at the International Criminal Court over illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Senior-most Palestinian Ambassador Safieh articulately rejected Baird’s threats to the Palestinian people should the international community meet its obligations to bring Israel to account on its illegal settlement policy, a blatant violation of the IV Geneva Convention. He expressed surprise that this would be of concern to the Canadian government rather than “the daily Israeli blatant daily violation of international law and the sadistic behavior vis-a-vis my society, the Palestinian society.” He noted Palestine, a UN recognized-state, has the right to self-determination and the obligation to non-violently achieve this through diplomatic and legal actions.

In a recent interview with Evan Solomon on CBC’s Power & Politics, Safieh identified himself as a Christian in denouncing the demonization of Islam and other groups.  He further responded to Baird’s comments:

“We the Palestinians, we are resorting to international law as we believe the international will should have a say on conflict resolution in the Middle East.  What we did was extremely legitimate, going to the United Nations, to the concert of nations. The vote at the UN that took place in November was the following:  It gave us the recognition of the principle of Palestinian statehood.  It gave us the boundaries of that Palestinian state, the ’67 boundaries, and East Jerusalem as the capital of that state.  I believe that international involvement, negotiations to come, which I hope will occur tomorrow, should be on how to implement those and not to discuss the desirability and the legitimacy of those principles that have already been recognized by the last 40 years.”

List of media interviews with Ambassador Afif Safieh

CBC’s Power & Politics – Palestinian Aid in Question: Interview with Afif Safieh
The Star – Mideast Peace Hinges on Fair Land Swaps, saya Palestinian Envoy – Veteran Diplomat on the Prospects for Palestine: Interview with Afif Safieh
Voice of Palestine – Radio interview with Afif Safieh on his book, the Peace Process: From Breakthrough to Breakdown
Radio Canada International (in Arabic)