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World Social Forum 2016

9-14 August, Montreal

Another world is needed. Together, it is possible!

Canadian Friends of Sabeel at the 15th edition of the
World Social Forum (WSF). 

Canadian Friends of Sabeel together with other Palestinian and Palestinian solidarity groups gathered to use the World Social Forum to educate thousands of people on the Palestine-Israel conflict and move forward strategically in our collective organizing.

Canadian Friends of Sabeel (CFOS) organized events on Palestine for the Canadian Churches and Church Related Organizations Forum at the WSF and WFTL.  Nora Carmi from Palestine and Barbara Hill, a First Nation Algonquin, were among the key leaders of the activities organized by CFOS. Canadian Friends of Sabeel hosted the following workshops at the World Social Forum.

  1. Our Land, Our Hope: Experiences of Dispossession and Theologies/Spiritualities of Liberation (Watch on YouTube)
  2. Divesting your Church and Denomination (Watch on YouTube)
  3. G4S and Municipal Campaigns:

What is the World Social Forum? 

Started in 2001 in Brazil, each year the WSF brings together tens of thousands of people to participate in over a thousand activities focused on social, economic, and environmental justice; human rights, democratization, decolonization, and the like. In addition to workshops, panel discussions, performances  and so on, time was set aside at the WSF to expand networks and organize collectively. This year marks the first time the World Social Forum was held in a Northern country.


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